Ledeč nad Sázavou Castle is perfect place for wedding ceremony. For this occasion you can use both indoor and outdoor space. There is a newly renovated representative lounge, stylized in the 19th century. The second, very charming option is to arrange a wedding ceremony in the open air in castle fortification.

Representative lounge

Capacity: 80 guests

Castle fortification
Capacity: 200 guests
The date of your wedding ceremony is important to book as soon as possible due to occupancy.

Wedding ceremony:
For organizational reasons, we recommend arriving at the castle at least 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.
Parking is available in front of the castle.
Other informations:
Taking photographs is possible during the ceremony and after its completion, it is possible to use other areas of the castle, such as the upper and lower courtyards, bridge, entrance gate or the castle gazebo, where is a wonderful view of the city.

In case of your interest do not hesitate to contact us.

Administrator of the castle:

tel. 731612460